Create and manage claims
This is the live or production system. This will allow users to create and manage claims and actions related to claims.
Train users
This is the testing and training system. Use this system to try out CompHub, learn about new features, or train new staff without interfering with the production system. Note: Notifications will not be generated or mailed, and the Commission will not act on any information entered into the test environment. The test environment will be a different color than the production environment. Instead of green, it will be blue so that you know you are not actually filing documents with the WCC.
to provide feedback.
Submit a request if you don't see claim documents in CompHub'
Register as a CompHub user
If a user doesn't have a registered CompHub account
Access the MD WCC public claim information
Submit a request for the approval of continuing education courses
Submit a request under the Public Information Act (PIA)
Submit a request for Certificate of Compliance
Submit a request for Exclusion
Submit a request for Inclusion
Submit a request for Joint Election
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